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Dear Representative,

I am a concerned citizen who opposes the proposed housing development, Choto Landing, located at 12320 Northshore Drive, for the following reasons:  

Lack of Conformity: High-density attached dwellings are in direct contrast to the single-family, rural-residential character of the area. Current residents moved here and invested in this location to enjoy this non-urban, rural feel.  A new, high-density housing project is not in line with preserving and conforming to the surrounding communities, will compromise the allure and likely diminish home and property values.  The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, familial status, or national origin.  The opposition to this project has no objections based on improper factors.

Traffic: The property is located near a blind hill on Northshore Drive, which is a highly-trafficked, dangerous two-lane corridor with no shoulder. Due to a geographical obstacles and a railroad tunnel, it is the only route to access this area for many. As a result, Northshore Drive is highly congested with frequent blockages and delays. Serious accidents are common. Adding additional development along this particular stretch of Northshore would be both reckless and irresponsible.  

Flooding: This location has already been flagged as a flooding and runoff threat to neighboring subdivisions. Some of the subdivisions in the area are already experiencing drainage issues and any upstream high-density development is expected to create additional water flow resulting in flooding. 

Overcrowded Schools: Farragut K-12 schools are severely overcrowded and have reached a crisis point. The original zoning approval for PR <5DA/AC (file: 10-M-20-RZ) was based on the projected school impact of 23 additional students. However, the current proposed high density development included three- and four- bedroom units, and per Knoxville’s own Community Development Corporation Administrative Plan for Section 8 Programs (pages 33 and 34), there is a minimum occupancy requirement that far exceeds the estimated 23 additional students, and would add upwards of 100 students or more to already struggling schools. 

Misuse of Federal, State and Local Tax Dollars

Affordable housing should be built within close proximity to employment and nearby infrastructure such as sidewalks, bike lanes and public transportation.  None of this exists at the current Choto Landing location. The proposed $18,000,000+ funds being requested for this development including $3,000,000 for the land alone could easily be utilized to help a lot more people in need if utilized in a prudent manner. Spending this much money on a small 56 unit development is not cost effective. As a taxpayer, I demand more oversite in government spending, since it is taxpayers not the developer who ultimately pays for the development as costs for such developments are generally recouped from federal, state, and local government agencies, grants, and credits. In addition, the best use of this very expensive property is to generate property tax dollars for the citizens of Knox County. We need the funding for roads and schools.

Thank you,

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